Welcome to our Client Portal

This is your gateway to accessing funding and support from Digital Enterprise

Our purpose is to support businesses, like yours, across West Yorkshire on your digital transformation journey enabling you to improve performance, productivity and competitiveness, reduce environmental impact, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth by investing in digital.

Our customer portal aims to make your experience with Digital Enterprise simple and straightforward. Accessible 24/7 online, it provides a secure environment for you to keep up to date of your journey with Digital Enterprise and will allow you to:

  • Register your interest in our programme
  • Create a profile
  • Access your personal dashboard
  • Complete your application
  • Upload relevant information
  • Check the status of your application
  • Claim your funding

Your registration will be accepted if you meet our business criteria and further financial due diligence checks will be carried out to determine your eligibility.

Please note, you must be the CEO, Founder, Director, or a senior decision maker of the business in order to complete the registration page - this is to ensure the person registering has financial responsibility within the business.


If you registered or created an account before 3rd July 2023, then you signed up to Digitial Enterprise 2. Unfortunately, your DE2 account isn't valid for Digital Enterprise 3. If you're the CEO, Founder, Director or senior decision maker for the business, then you can re-register.


If your registration for DE3 is accepted, you'll be sent an invitation to create a new portal account. Once your account is set up, click the Sign In button to access your Dashboard.